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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 15, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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it seems to me. didn't say a word about the it is very hard to predict where shatter. >> i think he said the word republicans are going to land on mosque. >> no. any particular issue right now. no. he said on this challenge i >> thank you very much. good to have you on. thank you. i'm brook baldwin let's send things to washington. the lead starts now. thi think. they are scum. they are animals, they are evil. >> any moment we are expecting a when it's white nationalist he new face of hatred to appear in doesn't say anything or i think court. the lead starts right now. trump is very sad situation. what's being called new zealand's darkest day being felt never says anything about the killer as i mentioned in across the united states. pittsburgh. >> we are following two major breaking stories due in courtney it is expected to speak as the moment. it is the morning of saturday in white supremacist madman. new zealand. we'll be right back. stay with us. you. president trump speaking as he picks up his veto pin for the first time and ranting against his own party over the border emergency. >> bad break up.
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north korea raising fears that a missile launch might be coming. what happened as the president put it falling in love? >> it is just after account a.m. in new zealand. the suspect charged to appear in court he has been charged with murder for killing 49 innocent people and seriously wounding 20 others in the country's worst ever shooting. it is targeted as muslims.
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it took it live on social media and posting an 87 page document. it is outlining his plans for attacks. ward now picks up our coverage on this shocking act of hate. >> bloodied and shaken these are among the survivors of terror attacks at two mosques that appear to have been planned for years. >> you and i have chosen us. we actually condemn youth. white australian man now in custody and charged with murder. he allegedly entered the mosque
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around 1:40 p.m. friday just as prayers began. >> i was hearing that and it went on. >> the killer used a body camera to live stream video as he fired and reloaded. those in his sights trying to escape and protect each other. >> one guy was sitting beside a wall. the next thing he told me. >> 41 victims are confirmed dead at the first mosque. at a second mosque seven more were gunned down during services and one other died at the hop cht the dual atrocities have shocked new zealand. >> we are such a small community. i don't understand why someone
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would hurt us like this and in as much a way. >> the gunman is now in custody and charged with murder. two others have been arrested on suspicion of possessing firearms. none were previously known to authorities. >> these are people who i would describe as having extremist views that have absolutely no place in new zealand and have no place in the world. >> in addition to live streaming his massacre the accused killer left behind an 87 page manifesto all of you. how you live, online. what you love. in it he says he shows nowhere that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. in the world is safe adding sent that protects what's important. ms. it handles everything, he also made clear the attacks and reaches everywhere. were designed well in advance. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. >> it does appear to have been well planned. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome.
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>> so investigators want to look at bl there was potentially a network that was helping to coordinate this terrorist attack. when i have poured over this 87 page manifesto it becomes very clear that this was actually borrowing some of the tactics radicalizing online and reaching breaking news just in. out to people online. lone wolves, these sorts of speaking moments ago on the terror attacks. investigation into the massacre >> thanks so much. we do have breaking news. president trump just signed the there. first ve toe we are expecting the suspect to appear in courtney moment. first veto of his presidency. that court is where it is. let's listen in ch. >> crime of all kinds coming through our southern border and other places but this is the what can you tell us about place. this is the place we had the what's happening there? >> there is quite a good crowd biggest problem by far. out there. i want to compliment the the court was supposed to open incredible people at border at about 9:00 a.m. it is now 9:47.
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patrol and ice and law enforcement for the job they there's a police van coming by have done. stopping in front of us here. they apprehended so many thousands and thousands of people that if we had the proper everybody waiting anxiously in front of this courthouse. protection we wouldn't have to a lot of international journal apprehend. they wouldn't be coming in as is and even members from the president. the protection of the nation is local muslim community here. my highest duty. yesterday congress passed a some claiming their father was dangerous resolution that have one of the victims in this signed into law put countless americans in danger. the democrat son it is definitely a national emergency. attack. all speculation walting iting t rarely have we had such a national emergency. to defend the safety i will be more. signing a formal veto of this they used five weapons including two shotguns. urging people to stay safe and reck less resolution. that's what it was. stay inside as much as possible i have to in familiar thank the today. >> all right. thank you. keep us abreast of events as
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republicans, strong wonderful people that were on our side an they occur. on the side of border security 87 pages, more than 16 words baa spell checked dissertation on immigrants, immigration. it is the killers explanation for why he did this. >> these are people i would describe as having extremist views that have absolutely no it's an invasion of drugs and place in new zealand and have no criminals and people. we have no idea who they are but place in the world. we capture them. border security is so good. they are put in a very bad they believe his own white position and were bursting at the seams. literally bursting at the seams. european race is being whiepipet what border patrol is able to do is incredible. by immigration. it is also the rallying cry of i want to thank our military our
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hate filled white supremacist across the world. military has been very much involved. they are putting up walls in some cases temporary and some cases they were supposed to be temporary they are so good they some marchers carried banners are better than the permanent. they are leaving. we have nowhere left to hold i that read bliwhite hero and cle blood. a white teenager murdered nine african americans in a church. is at a place at these horrible the white supremacist aid y'all decisions by people that aren't are waiting our white women. y'all are taking over the wild living in reality that there's nothing we could do. we are bursting at the seams. we can only do so much. it allows messages of hate to be spread in realtime. he streamed parts of the attack on facebook. it spread to sites before police pleaded for it to stop. >> i have seen social media foot badge. you have murders and killers we are doing everything we can coming in and we are not going
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to lay how that to happen. part of the reason is because our country is doing so well it is shared by social media users the suspect refers to economically that people are coming up in droves. dylan roof and says he was the vast majority are rejected. smuggling organizations making a tremendous amount of money like inspired who killed 77 people in they have never made bfr are norway. the terror related death of an uses this. 11-year-old swedish girl. it is a crime he writes he could no longer ignore. nothing preponderance we could >> and jake in his 87 pages the make a deal opg changing, catch suspect makes one reference to and release, changing the donald trump. are you a supporter he asks horrible asylum laws that are so himself as a symbol of renewed white identity he says sure. unfair, changing visa lottery, as a policymaker and leader dear chain migration, these are horrendous. i won't explain them but god, no. >> thank you so much. let's bring in our experts. everybody behind me knows let me start with you.
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dpaktly what they are. they are dangerous for our country and inspired by democrats that have to change. new zealand of intelligence one in three migrant women are sharing, they are all actively sexually assaulted on the sharing intelligence. bill crystal asked earlier journey north. the border crisis is driving it whether or not intelligence about this kind of threat, white 70,000 americans a year are supremacists, white nationalists killed including meth, heroin, is shared as much as the threats of islamist terrorists. cocaine and fentanyl. is it? >> i would say yeah, but. don't think it is white or the mass of deadly drugs, dangerous weapons and criminal islamist. gang members across our borders if you saw that same threat in has to end. we are bringing out thousands the new zealand service and see and thousands a year of ms13 a threat whether it's from isis or somebody like this, if there's a risk of death in new gang members and others that are just as bad when they come into york city i don't care where it our country. they are able to come through comes from. areas where we don't have proper wall, where we don't have any wall at all.
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they get in and do a lot of damage in my cays. we get them out by the thousands and we bring them back or encars the architecture i don't think is as advanced. >> even though will hathere are attacks by white nationalists than by any other group. the suspect said he wanted to inkra incite violence, retaliation and incarcerate them. there haven't been too many than further divide. are bigger than we have at our the killer had the names of own border. military leaders that battled nonwhite forces on his guns. consistent with the law today i am vetoing this resolution. congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and i have the duty to veto it. i'm very proud to veto it. i'm very proud as we said a lot of republican senators that are with me. so we have heard these stories before. it is what he perceives to be historical wrongs. he is siting the need for
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since 1976 presidents declared purity. it is is very familiar. it sounds exactly like the sort 59 national emergencies. they involved protecting foreign of thing we hear from isis or al citizens in far off lands. congress has not terminated any qaeda terrorists. it is with ancient events they of them. every single one of them is still in existence. are usually distorted in their we don't worry about our land we view far from the reality plus a worry about other peoples land. desire for some sort of a reclaim mags of purity in the modern world. this is classic terrorist behave your and law enforcement so with all of the national agencies ought to be able to do a better job of spotting this. they are already doing this for emergencies. it is they don't want to do. one kind of terror group. it is the one perhaps they they ought to be able to do it more broadly for others. should most brooif law >> you worked on countering enforcement officers including violence extremism. sheriffs and people that have you have a new book out titled been tremendous backers of law how we win. and order which we have to have. it extensively researches this we are also joined by friend of issue. we note that the writings are
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striking similarity to what we typically see from isis terrorists. are you surprised at the similarity? >> no. i'm not surprised. we are looking at a measurement mine i need to say a few words stick around securing communities based on a physical of the importance of what they demention. it is based on the physical territory. what's happening and how are we elected on by a very very great group of american people. measuring that? what's happening emotionally. millions and millions of people this is talking about what he because they want security for saw when he went to france. he is talking about what the our country. emotional capacity was when he was absorbing all of these and attorney general and then i thing. it isn't what's happening in the would like to go to some of the online space. government has not been culturally listening to the rise of hate of all kinds of hate folks behind me. we'll sign something that will globally. we have oneoffs in give us safety at our border. charlottesville and new zealand. >> while the president gives other people in the room the we think it's about a church? floor we are going to discuss it's not. it's about how it has been and go back when the president starts talking again. allowed to manifest itself and how the issue of identity and
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belonging is the spark that allows these guys to thrive. that's where we need to be this is his first veto. looking and that's where the solutions actually lie. it is a rare rebuke from republicans in the senate. it's within communities. >> bo would have imagined 12 we have been very lazy on hate republicans would turn against in the years since 9/11. it. he talked a lot about the >> and let me bring this in. reality. no president has ever been it was live streamed on facebook and reposted on you tube. disconnected. here he is signing this veto. it was sent around the world it is an unnecessary vae toe. before the tech dpaens to shut he talked about the country being literally full at the scenes. you said we'll talk about new it down. >> there's a lot of things zealand. for the president to use that happening here. language a few hours later is disgusting and inexcusable. let's talk about invaders again.
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so let's put us in a physical that's the picture he painted. setting a lot of times people go running to see what it is and >> no. in fact they were happy to give they call 911. in the online space the congress is no different. facebook says by their own words him congress or his wall and that a live stream video will get six times the interaction of more border security. a nonlive stream video. it would have no impact on the >> go ahead. >> go ahead. real crisis which is a crisis >> i think there's a much having to do with asylum simpler answer. seekers. the reason they have not been that is a crisis. able to stop this sort of thing is because they don't care to. >> a humanitarian crisis. >> no. it's not a national security they are not doing any where crisis but it is something that near enough. >> right. >> if you're putting thousands congress needs to deal with. of people and you're not getting it done it's time to put -- there probably do need to be fixes. >> let me. >> right. it is not anybody to claim let me. >> go ahead. >> let me give you some example
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here. a lot of people are putting if asylum. what i call ano, ma'am police >> wall is not going to do any of that. acting as if they are criminal is criminal in and of itself. it is all being driven by the american appetite for illegal drugs. >> one of the things going on with humanitarian aspect of it has the do with the facts that so many of the people coming as opposed to decades before it is triggers. in terms of spreading around the world i'm shocked it is happening today in 2019. if it is printed it is something that's been around for years. fingerprint the sound if you don't want to fingerprint the video and share that fingerprint with everybody else so they can use it and block it from to stay no it's inappropriate
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use of the act. happening. there is something that needs video. you can't claim it's a movie. >> let me ask you, these web sites, they are obviously places >> if he wished to veto he could where these horrific biggots go to plot. law enforcement presumably knows have. then he has the emergency about them. are they using them enough? proclamation. of working on all kinds of immigration reform you would get they are using them. they are looking at them. there is a difference between bipartisan ship p it makes it somebody talking about hate and somebody talking about violence. harder to make sense of reforps my first question in this case in illegal immigration systems. is when they were talking online. were there other people involved it really says we pay a price in in this that should have alerted addition to whipping up law enforcement. it is a citizen saying i heard resentments in a terrible way him talking. against immigrants. i want to hear about those people. >> this is where the grass roots people are fleeing.
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come in. technology has a big role to play. the people that are actually able to build resilience in the idea that so soon after a communities are communities horrific attack. the president is using very stark language painting individuals coming from central themselves. why haven't we scaled them? america as if every one of them >> thanks one and all tune in is a member of ms 13. sunday for state of the union. we were talking about the it's at 9:00 a.m. and noon toxicity of the internet and how eastern. our kof racoverage continues ri now. this is spilling out. happening now breaking news. when you let things like this massacre and two mosques. fester you were whipping up the nastiest and most terrible 49 worshippers as a gunman opens things inside people. fire at a pair of mosques in new that's why it matters if donald zealand. a hate filled manifesto is
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trump and criminals and tries to paint people as the other. people have been galvanized to online. we may learn more any moment now act by this type of language. from the first court appearance. >> this is happening at the same heightened alert. time was we are expecting the security stepped up at muslim massacre suspect in court. i want to bring there from the places of worship and around phone scott brown, the former u.s. senate to new zealand. two others remain in custody. do you know anything else about their involvement? >> no. it is obviously a story to your viewers. they are focusing on the victims making sure that the family and friends have all of the tools and resources that they need. 49 dead that's a very high number battling and being
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treated for their injuries. they are gathering evidence and figuring out what happened and why. >> obviously it is a developing story. information is coming in. none of the people arrested as far as i know had been on any security watch lists and we are learning that the man who wrote the manifesto and carried out the massacre said he had been planning to attack for two years. it is to do the act or action review. it is making sure all of our personnel are safe and secure. your viewers and listeners may not know christ church was rocked with a massive
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earthquake. it is also the base where we send operations to antarctica. our first job and priorities is to make sure our citizens are safe to focus on how come they didn't know. is there any indication of any other threat in new zealand or any where else in the world including the united states obviously copy cat attacks are always a concern. >> certainly they are. i'm not privy to any of those types of declarations. all i can do is focus on what we are doing here. we are offering any and all assistance that the government needs. the president reached out to the prime minister. there's been communications and your viewers and listeners may not know.
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whatever we need you have there for them. whatever is being provided for anybody watching at home or work who wans to help, what can they do? >> thank you. that's a great point. i remember boston, what happened in the boston bombing and the boston strong mentality. i suggest there's a strong mentality here as well. new zealand is a beautiful country. they are fiercely independent, hard working and while this has been a set back i am absolutely positive they will come out of
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this better and stronger. i would ask people to, you know, contact their local red cross. >> thanks for calling in. >> good day to you and your team. >> thank you so much. we are continuing to following these breaking stories. just a few moments ago. stay with us. we'll bring that to you. e safel. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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[indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪ we are back with breaking nudes. preside breaking news. president trump is talking.
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that you canning about where it is in the engine and hub caps. we are also getting dogs. i say is that true? nothing replaces. it is very expensive. we haven't been able to. i have seen it where they showed many we the dog certain types of german shepherd. they will come running full speed and stop on dime. they know the drugs are in that box. it's the most incredible thing. we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on equipment. it's not as good as the dogs. we are getting a lot of dogs for various entry points also. so with that i want to thank everybody for being here.
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i want to thank you folks. say hello to all of your friends that have been with us really from day one. what you have gone through is unthinkable. i appreciate it. you're strong people. you're strong and you're proud. your kids are looking down on you right now. they have very proud. we don't allow drugs and crime and problems coming into our country. thank you all very much. thank you.
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they have learning about the person and people involved. it is certainly a terrible thing. >> some of the republicans voted for the they support border security but it wasn't executive overreach. >> do you -- >> they do. they are doing what they have to do. i put no pressure on anybody. i said i could have gotten some of them to come along. i said i want you to vote your heart, do what you want to do. i'll let them know when there is pressure. i said when i need your vote i will let you know. we all knew it would be a veto.
1:31 pm
so we have a great case and i think it's still very -- i mean ideally they shouldn't be suing in this case. they will because they always do. we want border security. we want safety and no drugs and no human trafficking. okay? >> did you see it? ? i did not see it. it is a horrible event. i saw it early in the morning when i looked at what was happening. i spoke to the prime minister. i think it's a horrible disgraceful thing and a horrible act. thank you all very much. of thank you. >> all right. that's president trump issuing the first veto of his presidency. i want to bring in andrea carson
1:32 pm
of ind. congressman, just a note. we are thinking abiliout the mum community. i want to ask you, you serve on the house intelligence committee. he said he does not believe white nationalism is a rising threat in the world. i know there are statistics in the united states that suggest white nationalism is in fact rising when it comes to propaganda and violence and comes to targeting schools. what do you know about the rise of white nationalism? >> i'm deeply disappointed in the president's dismissal. you have seen these facts. i have seen these facts. the fbi reaffirmed these facts. it was still an issue. it is interesting when there are
1:33 pm
crimes or acts of violence committed by african americans or by other snominority groups folks don't seem to. no one traces back when they didn't get a hug when they were six or seven. they dismiss it to attribute it to the overall terroristic effort. i think that kind of dismissal is hurtful. >> so congressman, have you -- let's turn to the attack itself. have you been briefed on the attack in new zealand? what if anything can you tell us? >> i have been in contact with the leadership there. i'm limited in terms of what i can say. i will say that the u.s. agencies have been working closely with new zealand. they have been sending folks
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there as we speak. we have a strong relationship with a new zealand government. many trained regularly with our police agencies and presidents and federal and local as well. the relationships are very strong. i do think we need to note that these kind of acts require the global religious community to come together in a very real way. i'm so pleased when i hear religious leaders specifically condemn these acts of violence and issue a call of unity from rabbis, spiritual leaders to come together and push against these kinds of terrible acts.
1:35 pm
plisz urged anyone thinking of going to a mosque today not to go. new york city, washington, d.c. and houston increased police presence at mosques there. encouraging from different religious groups to support their mosque and to join and pray alongside muslims to show a kind of religious solidarity during this toxic climber. there in whatever nonsense he wrote down he used words such as
1:36 pm
invaders. it is not just in charlottesville but in washington d.c. do you think individuals and leaders using that kind of language demonizing them, making those who are not white christians seem some how a threat. do you think it ends up having an impact on these murders? >> i think it does especially for those that view the religious texts. i believe they have a responsibility to watch the language that we use. that kind of language has a great impact. unfortunately many extremist organizations have used the language of religious leaders and political leaders to justify their hurtful idealologies and
1:37 pm
justify attacks they are planning as we speak and to justify actions like the ones we have seen over the past 48 hours. >> all right. democrat of indiana. thank you for your time, sir. our thoughts are with you. >> an honor. >> let's talk about this with our panel. it's factually wrong. >> they also point out every single was carried out. it's not by an islamist. it is beginning out for a decade. we saw jews and the number one
1:38 pm
rule is don't criticize your base. these people are his base. he may not be a white nationalist. he has the support of all of these groups. he is noefr beginning to joan up to that. >> when people hear the term white nasallist. the idealology, one of the main corp. pieces is curb nonwhite immigration. that's one of the main policy priorities they advocate for. if some of this sounds familiar these are things that steven miller who works for president trump and in charge of putting together policies so i believe donald trump is a white
1:39 pm
neighalist. for the very reason he said and that type of laj waj is dangerous. >> i bet he was already looking for the show to see what was out there in his report from 2015. so this does precede president trump and was on the internet an there were incidents before donald trump was president which makes it more important for president of the united states to announce it which i wouldn't quite say his statements today. there were statements of sympathy. i don't think there was really in his formal statement earlier or that thing that we just saw in that event and so i think it's this important. that would be important.
1:40 pm
it would be interesting to know as a matter of actual intelligence sharing referred that we are in the most exclusive club. do we share information and white supremacist interactions online and so forth the way we have before 9/11. >> one of the things that bothers me is we always talk about white nationalism and white supreme si. what's happening at least a wing is even more disturbing. they dropped the word right. nationalism is on the word right. you have respectful publications. it is out there promoting nationalism sz a proper idealology. you have him talking about talking us into a nationalist
1:41 pm
organization. when they talk about neighalism they are talking about a nation as defined by blood and soil. so it's people who are here and could trace it down to british isles. >> and the biggest motivator which has been around for decades. right now is islamaphobia. we didn't hear a word about goe.
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